Hello! Welcome To Awesomeonomy's Website!

About This Site

Hey! This is Awesomeonomy, and here's my new website! Here you can find some pictures, videos, and a lot of things that no one will ever see on my channel. And I really want to say thanks for visiting, I know not too many people have. Please look around and feel free to drop off a comment on my Forum page!


Wanna Check Out My Youtube Account?

If you haven't checked out my account ever or lately, feel free to check out the account. You can get to it by clicking on the link below:


And if you have a Youtube account as well, I would encourage you to subscribe. And don't worry I will put on new videos, even if I haven't in a while! I just love making movies, so I doubt I'll ever stop!

What's Up Today?

This is a new thing I decided to do recently, it's called "What's Up Today?"  It's where I post the dates of events and tell you anything exciting going on!


It's summer! (Well, it has been, but just informing haha.) I've already released two new videos and.....SCRIPTING FOR LEGOS: OFF THE BOARD PART 3 HAS BEGUN! Get excited.

Alt Account

I now have an alternate account! I will post test videos and anything behind the scenes there, so be sure to check it out!

There will be a link on my channel, or go to www.youtube.com/awesomealtomy