Videos That I Have Made So Far
(But not all of them)


I made this for an animation challenge on (A great website)

One I made last October, and I'm pretty proud of it. Enjoy!

This video is called "Legos: Off The Board Part 1." It is about Legos falling off of the board, into the real world. Part 2 is also out now!

You know, I make MANY stop motions, and there will be MANY to come. But I love variety, so I make videos like these. This is my new video about my dog, "Buster!" He's great! So please enjoy, and I will make a ton of variety like this is the future!

This is my newest video called "Lego NINJAS!" It took a really long time to do, so please enjoy! And I made this over the course of a couple of months, so you can hopefully tell the improvement of my stop motion.

Boredom+Weekend=Videos like these. I made this in like 2 days while I was terribly bored. But suprisingly, I consider it my best one yet. It is a comedy/parody commercail so please watch! Thanks!

This is an older film I made during summer. My dad gave me this idea and I thought I could do a lot of creative things with it, haha.