What Kind Of Videos Do I Make?

I do something called brickfilming. It is basically stop motion with LEGOS. It is a lot of fun, and on average I usually have to take around 1,000 or more pictures (it depends on the movie). If you want to learn how or how to get better, here are some tips (even though I'm not very good myself). Hopefully these will help you because you should really make sure to make it somewhat good before posting it onto YouTube or another video site.

1. Be sure to be patient with filming and set building. If you rush these things than you film might not turn out as good as it could, and it will make a huge difference in the final outcome.

2. Tape down your sets before you begin filming, that way you won't bump your set.

3. Use a fairly high frame rate, 15 is what I use. If you go too much lower (like 8) the animation begins to get choppy.

Those are probably the most important things I can think of, there are many more, but start with those if you are new to stop motion. And have fun!

ALSO, I make live action movies. I rarely ever do, but I try to make somewhat a variety. I make videos of my dog, Buster, roller coasters, and so on. It is a ton of fun and I can't wait to make more videos!